Vaccines and the Christian Worldview


by Chad Allen, Lead Pastor

With the COVID vaccines beginning to roll out, there are both questions and concerns that have been emerging among the body of Christ. Like masks, there are a variety of different views that people are expressing.  Ultimately our stance as a church is that people will make decisions based on personal convictions since the Bible is silent on vaccines.

The way we interact with others on this topic is another opportunity for us to show Christian maturity and charity in how we express our personal opinions, especially when we disagree.  We have a range of people in our church from those who can’t wait to get the vaccine to those who are convinced it may be the mark of the beast written of in Revelation.

I recommend this article and podcast from Albert Mohler. As a historian, analyst, and theologian, he masterfully lays out thoughtful points from a Christian worldview on the the topic of vaccines.  

I hope this helps as you navigate your personal choices and interact with others on the topic.  Feel free to pass on as well!