The Gospel At Work


By Pastor Rick Eimersgospel-at-work

Recently,  I finished reading The Gospel at Work by Sebastian Traeger.  I thought it was definitely worth encouraging people from CVC to read.    In his chapter, How do I share the gospel at work?, Traeger gives 5 suggestions that can build a bridge and open a door to being able to share the gospel at work.


Just do good work as a Christian

If and when you get an opportunity to share the gospel with a co-worker, make sure that your testimony lines up with the words your sharing.  Build a reputation as someone who works with integrity, purpose, initiative, creativity, kindness and encouragement.  Don’t get caught up in water cooler gossip, but rather be an encouragement to all.  This way, when you speak up, people will believe that you believe.


Learn to put God on the table

Let people know in natural, easygoing and confident ways that you’re a Christ-follower.  Don’t be ashamed of that!  If people ask you what you did over the weekend, let them know that you attended an amazing worship service at Cuyahoga Valley Church!  Tell people about the LifeGroup that you lead or participate in!  If you talk naturally and openly about the very things that are crucial to your day to day life, you’ll be instinctively letting people know that you’re open to talking about God and His work in your life.


Build relationships beyond the office

Be intentional in grabbing coffee with a couple of co-workers after work.  Catch an Indians game or watch the NFL draft together.  When you’re together, don’t just simply have shallow conversation that occurs in the office, but ask about their families and offer to pray for them.  People are more likely to listen to what you have to say if you can show that you genuinely care about them and their family.


Use the witness of the church

As your LifeGroup gets involved in a restoration project, invite a co-worker from work to participate!  Let them begin to see and experience the body of Christ serving and sacrificing together!  As relationships are being built outside of work, naturally invite their family to sit with yours on a CVC Sunday.


Have a “mission-field” mindset about your work

God may have given you the very job that you’re in so that you can break into a particular subculture for the gospel of Christ!  You speak the same jargon and language as the people you work along with.  You have an opportunity to reach these people in unique ways that other people don’t have!  So bloom where you’re planted!  Also, consider a job relocation to other parts of the world!  Why not become an engineer in Indonesia or a nurse in Thailand? There are hundreds of unreached people groups around the world and maybe you’re work will pay for you to go to one!


What other ways might you be able to share the gospel at work?