Taking the Next Step



Not many people would push back on the value of having good relationships. It’s just that so very many of us aren’t quite sure what steps to take in creating and then maintaining relationships that are strong and Christ-centered.

Even people who’ve had great role models in parents, mentors, friends, etc. would have to agree that today’s ever-changing cultural messages and “norms” produce new relational pressures and challenges with regularity.

Think about it: single people are often bombarded with messages that focus on who you marry rather than an understanding of God’s plan for why to get married.

Likewise, parenting in today’s world—especially from a Christian perspective–is more challenging than ever. It has a knack of making every parent come face to face with a shaky sense of self-worth and conflicted beliefs about what really matters. God’s desire for parents is to have His clear direction in raising their children. And in providing clarity, He actually uses children to produce change in their parents.

So here’s a step for you, especially singles and parents (and anyone who desires God-centered relationships that focus on Christ).

Gary Thomas, international speaker and best-selling author on godly relationships, is returning to Cuyahoga Valley Church from October 17-19.

A FREE SEMINAR  “SACRED SEARCH” will be held at CVC for singles of all ages. No cost. No registration. No strings attached.

A LOW-COST SEMINAR TITLED “SACRED PARENTING” WILL BE HELD AT CVC. Cost is $35/person (including lunch). A free kids day camp will be provided, the only cost being a $5 lunch. Tickets may be purchased at www.itickets.com or at the CVC Information Desk.

Please take the next step and join us in welcoming Gary Thomas, because relationships are valuable.