SONG OF THE WEEK: “Be Enthroned” – Bethel Music, Have it All



by Kevin Lorow, Cuyahoga Valley Church Worship Arts Assistant


“Be enthroned upon the praises of a thousand generations. You are worthy Lord of all. Unto You the slain and risen King, we lift our voice with heaven singing worthy Lord of all.”

This one is quickly becoming a favorite of our’s here at CVC. We’ve sung this together many times over the past few months as this song directs our attention towards 2 important truths that God’s Word points us to! First, it points us to the worthiness of the Lord in light of His work. In His redemption of us by suffering on the cross and defeating death, He has revealed to us that He is the only One worthy of our affection and devotion!

The other thing that this song does a terrific job of is reminding us of God’s desire for our expressions of praise. God desires our praises. When we declare His goodness, we associate ourselves with the countless believers who have gone before us and identify ourselves as part of His Bride – the church!

God has called us to praise Him. In the words of Louie Giglio: “In calling us to prize Him above all else, God is both gaining the praise that is rightfully His alone and causing us to gain the greatest treasure we will ever know – Him.”

We hope that you’ll be joining us soon as we lift up the highest of praises and adoration to our Lord!