Psalm 16 Self Assessment


Founding Pastor Rick Duncan taught from Psalm 16 yesterday.

He gave us five points to consider as we grow in our dependence on God.

I can live with supernatural stability and security when God is…

  • … my Only Refuge (v. 1)
  • … my Best Good (v. 2)
  • … my Providential Provider (vv. 5-6)
  • … my Trusted Counselor (v. 7)
  • … my Perpetual Focus (v. 8). 

Within that message he gave us five self assessment questions.

___ Rather than relying primarily on my own abilities or worldly solutions, I turn to God first and seek His strength and protection. God is my Only Refuge.

___ Rather than constantly pursuing worldly achievements, material possessions, or personal gratification, I acknowledge that every good thing I have comes from God. Therefore, I am content in Him. God is my Best Good.

___ I appreciate the blessings and resources God has given me, without constantly desiring what others have or pursuing a platform or possessions beyond His provision. God is my Providential Provider.

___ Even when it challenges my preconceived notions or the opinions of others, I seek to align my thoughts and perspectives with God and His revealed truth. God is my Trusted Counselor.

___ I guard myself against distractions and influences that pull me away from focusing on God. Instead, I choose to engage with activities and media that draw me closer to Him. God is my Perpetual Focus.