Prayer Guide from Luke 12:13-21


by Pastor Dale Piscura

Lord Jesus, we give you the highest praise because you are worthy of all praise and glory and honor.

Lord Jesus, thank you for being our greatest need and supplying us with your wonderful riches.

Lord Jesus, help each of us to value you as our most precious Savior, King, and friend.

Father open our eyes to see the realities that your Word clearly declares; that life on earth is temporary and eternity is what matters most.

Father protect us from all forms of covetousness, desiring the things of the world beyond our needs which You provide.

Help us Lord to examine our behaviors and attitudes toward materialism. Help us to recognize and resist temptations that pull us into sin.

Lord search our hearts and reveal how we may be like the Rich Fool and grant us the grace of repentance to turn away and seek You.

Father renew a passionate love in our hearts for our Lord Jesus in whom we live and breathe and have our very being.

Father give us heavenly wisdom in the way we may lay up treasures in heaven.

Father, by your grace may we be good stewards of all that you have given to us. May we be fruitful servants in your glorious Kingdom.