Long Story Short – Write Your Four Minute Story, Part Two


We’re continuing our work to write our own “Long Story Short”. The goal of writing our story is to share it with others. Remember: Effective communication is clear, concise, and compelling. Sharing your story should in total take 3-4 minutes. That’s between 500 and 700 words. These weekly guides will help you craft and capture the four segments of your story of faith in Christ.

Today’s focus – THE FALL – What did sin and brokenness look like in your life?

What are the evidences of the fall in your own life? What was the pain that you experienced and the pain that you caused? The pain we experience and cause in life often springs out of seeking to satisfy our deep inner needs and fix our own brokenness apart from God. You likely sought to fix your brokenness and deep inner needs through unsatisfactory solutions that damaged your own life or caused hurt in the lives of others.

What were one or two of your unsatisfied deep inner needs before you came to know Jesus? How did you see brokenness playing out in your life? What unsatisfactory solutions did you use to attempt to meet those deep inner needs or fix your brokenness? How did these attempts disappoint you or let you down? How was your life unfulfilling? How did you come to realize this? What were your struggles before you received Christ?

Some examples could be:

“I was seeking for…”

“My life revolved around…”

“I gained happiness and security from…”

“My life was missing…”

“My attitude was…”

“I blamed my issues on…”

“My life was filled with problems I could not solve…”

(Use an example from your personal life here. For instance, did your security come from money, your relationships, etc.?)