LifeHouse Conversation Starters


Summer is here. People are ready to play. Outside.

We’ve been praying for folks to come to know Christ. Now is the time for us to care and share. Make your house a LifeHouse! Why? So, you can have NewLife Conversations.

Sometimes, we really, really, want to have NewLife Conversations with friends, neighbors and co-workers, but we don’t know to get the conversation turned toward spiritual things. In a book, God Space, author Doug Pollock lists 99 questions that he calls “wondering questions” that can jump-start a spiritual conversation so we can use the 3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide.

Below are 20 of my personal favorites (edited).

1. I was wondering… what are the greatest lessons you feel you’ve learned so far on your journey?

2. I was wondering… have you ever been able to get a handle on what you think your purpose in life is?

3. I was wondering… how did 9/11 affect your view of God and the world?

4. I was wondering… as you’ve watched or read the news, what conclusions have you drawn about the nature of humanity?

5. I was wondering… do you believe there is solution to social problems such as rape, murder, famine, war, racism, and divorce?

6. I was wondering… have you ever had an experience in which you’ve felt the presence of God?

7. I was wondering… have you ever had an experience in which you’ve felt the presence of God?

8. I was wondering… in what ways have you seen good and evil played out in your life?

9. I was wondering… if you could pass along some advice about how to keep a relationship going and growing, what would it be?

10. I was wondering… what dreams in life have you let go of or are hanging on to?

11. I was wondering… what concerns you most when you think about the future?

12. I was wondering… what scares you the most about letting God bring about change in your life?

13. I was wondering… if you had only 6 months to live, what would be on your list of things to do before you died?

14. I was wondering… if you were to choose your path over again, would you choose the same one? Why or why not?

15. I was wondering… why do we often do what we don’t want to do and don’t do what we do want to do?

16. I was wondering… how would you change the way you were raised?

17. I was wondering… what kind of exposure to did you have to religion when you were growing up?

18. I was wondering… why do you think there are so many different religions?

19. I was wondering… do you think it’s possible for all religions to be equally right? Why or why not?

20. I was wondering… if Jesus were here right now, what would you ask Him? How do you think He would answer?

What if we made a list of a few of our favorite questions and asked a few of our favorite people? What if were intentional about turning everyday conversations into opportunities to have NewLife 10/24 conversations?