How do you know if you love money?


This past Sunday, Pastor Chad asked us to consider several questions to determine whether or not we love money.  Take some time to reflect, talk to God, and consider if this is an area where you need to surrender to the Lord in a greater way.

Some personal reflection/assessment questions:

  • Do I have a hard time being grateful for what I have?
  • Am I obsessed with becoming rich?
  • Do I envy rich people?
  • Do I devalue poor people?
  • Do I feel like I never have enough?
  • Am I living beyond my means?
  • Am I a “show off” with what I have?
  • Have I forgotten God as the source of everything?
  • Am I tempted to sin to acquire more?
  • Do I experience suffering because of financial decisions?
  • Do I make major decisions solely on the financial impact (marriage, children, job, family life, Etc.)
  • Do I feel inadequate, less than, or inferior when I don’t have what others have, or get to do what others do?
  • Do I have a list of reasons and justifications of why I’m entitled to have more than I do?
  • Do I keep putting myself and my family at risk for what I’m chasing in the area of finances and possessions (homes, cars, toys, gadgets, furnishings, etc.)

If you answer “yes” to some or most of these questions, you are probably dealing with a love of money on some level within your heart.  Ask the Lord to help you in this area if you find that it is a struggle for you.