Five Steps toward Linking Generations


by Rick Duncan, CVC Founding Pastor

In Titus 2, we see the truth that God wants one generation to impact the next. That often does not happen in the local church. Why? What are the obstacles?

Sometimes, it’s the older generations who  believe the younger generations don’t want their influence. Other times, it’s the younger generations who feel like the older generations don’t have the interest, the energy, or the time to invest in them.

It’s been our observation at CVC that neither of these obstacles are true. 

By and large, younger generations actually do want to be influenced by older people who are not only experienced but encouraging. And older people do indeed want to pass along to others the life lessons that have been learned.

Linking generations doesn’t have to be programmatic or complicated. It can be organic. 

Below is a simple plan to help you connect with someone for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth that is Christ-honoring and kingdom-building.

Five Steps toward Linking Generations

  1. Begin praying passionately that God would put someone from another generation on your heart.
  2. Choose a book of the Bible. Choose a Christian book that you’ve been wanting to read (or that you’ve already read that has impacted your life in a deep way).
  3. Approach the person from that other generation over coffee, via phone call/email/text. Tell them that you think it could be God who has giving you an interest in them. Ask them if they would like to meet with you every week (or every other week) for about an hour to discuss a chapter in a book. Let them know that once you finish the book, you both can evaluate whether or not you want to tackle another one together.
  4. Use the 10 questions below in order to have a conversation about the content of the book. Remember that you’re going to function more like the “guide on the side“ then the “sage on the stage.“ In other words, you don’t have to be the expert in the room. You just need to have spiritual conversations using solid questions. No doubt the Spirit will guide your  conversation so that transformation will take place in both of your lives.
  5. Pray for the person that you are seeking to help grow.