Broadview Heights

YFC Vision Casting Meeting

YFC Vision Casting Meeting

We all know how important and influential our education system is in the formation of our children and grandchildren. What they learn, who they interact with, and what opportunities they have, help teach our next generation and give them experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.


We at CVC believe that one of the best things that we can do is create opportunities for Christian community to be formed inside our local schools. That is where we want to invited each of you to hear about the work that Campus Life is hoping to do in our local school district.


Youth for Christ's, Campus Life, is a program that seeks to create a safe and inclusive environment for students to explore life’s most important questions in public and private schools all over Northeast Ohio. Their newest site will be Brecksville-Broadview Heights! 


On February 18th, next Sunday at 12:45PM, Youth for Christ will be hosting a vision meeting for the ministry that we want to invite you to learn more about what is going to happen in our local school district. If you are interested in attending, please fill out this form in your digital worship guide or text "Big 10" to 440-276-5575 so that we can have an accurate head count for lunch: RSVP FOR THE VISION MEETING HERE.