Back to School Prayers

man holding glass door
man holding glass door

Deep down we know that we are to fight back against the spiritual attacks we experience daily by praying, by coming to God, and trusting in His strength, His wisdom and His power.  Human strength and reasoning alone are not going to win the battle over temptation, anxiety, fear, and lies.  We need to fight the supernatural with the supernatural.  For those who are parents and grandparents, especially, you know that prayer is one of the most vital and effective ways you can fight for the hearts and minds of your kids and grandkids, especially as they start a new year of school which means a new year of increased temptations and spiritual attacks.  But sometimes we blank on what to pray or how to pray.  This page is just an easy access point to find ideas and guides in how you can pray for your kids, for the next generation (kids, teens, and young adults) especially as they begin a new school season.

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For those really wanting to increase their prayers, here is a resource highly recommended by our CVC Kids ministry: The One-Year Praying through the Bible for your Kids