A Season of Harvest


by Founding Pastor Rick Duncan

Keith and Natalie Back are missionaries supported by CVC. A portion of your gifts to the general fund go to support them in their work with Cru. Keith is the son of Doug and Sue Back and grew up in the ministry at CVC.


Keith and Natalie live in Indianapolis and serve at the IUPUI (Indiana University, Purdue University at Indianapolis) campus seeking to reach over 2,500 international students with the gospel. They work through Bridges, an arm of Cru.

They serve students from countries like China, Japan, Ghana, Iran and India.  These students are the best and brightest of their countries and when they graduate they will return to their home countries with the saving message of the gospel. On November 15 Keith and Natalie had their biggest outreach of the year, a Thanksgiving celebration.  90 students attended, including Iranian women with headdresses.

The students had a full-fledged Thanksgiving meal, a talk on the American tradition of Thanksgiving and a gospel presentation. 40 volunteers helped out. 16 students indicated a decision to receive Christ! Coming in, the students knew this was going to be hosted by the Christian organization Bridges.

Thank you Jesus.  May the seeds that were planted on Tuesday night sprout and bear fruit for the glory of God.

Please join us in thanking God for the fruit in this ministry. Please remember Keith and Natalie Back in your prayers as they serve on mission.

Thank you for your gifts to the general fund of CVC which makes it possible for our church to support these fruitful missionaries.