A King Before the Throne of God

I think we all forget the power and glory of God. We depend on ourselves way too often.

by Ashlea Swingle, CVCYouth Intern

John Piper says in his book, The Dawning of Indestructible Joy,

“What you and I need is usually not a brand-new teaching. Brand-new truths are probably not truths. What we need are reminders about the greatness of the old truths. We need someone to say an old truth in a fresh way. Or sometimes, just to say it.”

This quote fueled my passion for teaching the Word with honesty, fervor, and awe.   In Collide, the team has honed in on teaching about CVC’s second passion of God-dependence by sharing stories giving evidence of people who depended on God.

My opportunity came to share the story with the junior high students about how one man – one king – went before the throne of God pleading to save his friend’s life.

In the beginning of Daniel chapter 6, Darius has just conquered the kingdom of Babylon, becoming king of the whole-known world at the age of 62. Soon after this, Darius establishes a government of 127 satraps (governors) and three government officials for himself. Then Daniel, because of his excellent spirit, became distinguished above all of the other satraps and other officials. What Darius didn’t realize is that this would cause jealousy and envy to enter his kingdom.

After a careless mistake of signing an irrevocable law, Darius faced a time of complete desperation when his distinguished, faithful friend disobeyed this man-made law because it went against his God’s law. Disobedience to this law meant being thrown into the lion’s den. I imagine that the walk home for Darius that night was slow and painful. He did not eat, he did not sleep, and he ruled he was not to be disturbed.  But do not miss the beauty of King Darius’s helplessness because it sets the stage for the world to see the glory and power of God.

Daniel was delivered from the lion’s den. Daniel trusted and depended on his God. Darius, ruler of the whole-known world, did not have the power to save his friend. He recognized that and therefore proclaimed to all peoples, all nations, and languages that dwelt in the earth that the people were to awe and honor the God of Daniel.

I think we all forget the power and glory of God. We depend on ourselves way too often. We, like King Darius, believe we have all the power in the world until an obstacle too big causes us to scramble, and that is when we reach for God. I have reached this spot plenty of times. What is encouraging is that He never stops being dependable. Thank God that even when I choose to depend on myself, He remains steadfast. He does not change based on my sinful nature. He remains sure and strong.